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probably -- what do you think? you decide. friday night. from new york, good night, america. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier in washington. this is a "fox news alert." moments ago, muammar gaddafi vowed to continue fighting. in remarks seen here broadcast from the capital city of tripoli in direct violation of the security council resolution, gaddafi promised supporters they would be victorious against the rebels and the international forces. this as president obama promised to hand over the lead of the mission in libya to allies in coming days. insisting in a news conference moments ago in el salvador, "we will continue to support libya, but he will not be in the lead." national security correspondent jennifer griffin takes a look at the mission status so far. jennifer? >> reporter: hi, bret. i just got an understanding about what the new command will likely look like when the u.s. transitions to what will be essentially a nato, plus arab countries. h isep model used in afghanistan as it's described to me. we understand the u.s. and france have come to a late agree in the the last f
and what the u.s. wants. the president we understand is culting short his visit to latin america. he plans to transition. i'm told we can expect a transition of command by this time next week. the headquarters likely to be at a nato headquarters in naples, italy. the f-15 fighter jet went down at 11:33 monday evening local time according to u.s. marine officials. the two airmen ejected safely after an apparent malfunction of the jet. other pilots in the air at the time say they did not see enemy fire. seven u.s. military aircraft were launched from their bases in the mediterranean to take part in the recovery. two u.s. carrier jets flew cover for the mission and defense officials confirmed dropped two bomb to separate the pilot from suspected enemy approach. the downed pilot was back on board two hours after rescuers launched from the marine ship. the second airman landed in opposition held territory and hid in a sheep tent. this man says he was shot by a u.s. military jet that strifeed his field. as the weapons officer went down. but says he bears no grudge. they helped rescue the airman.
. from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. if this is a fox news alert. president obama again says libyan leader muammar gaddafi has to go, but says it's not the goal of the international military effort against gaddafi's government. in fact, one u.s. commander concedes gaddafi could remain in power. libyan rebels are trying to exploit the international stripes across the country, as gaddafi's army is using journalist and civilians as human shields and targets. we have team coverage. brit hume looks at the role in y correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon looking at the military operation and whether the no-fly zone is working. good evening, jennifer. >> hi, bret. the french may have dropped the first bombs saturday, but it soon became clear that the u.s. commander were calling the shot from the newest command in europe. the missile fired by the british submarine that struck gaddafi's compound were not unlike the tom mahawks fired from aboard the destroyer. coalition forces fired more than 13tomahawks i
center stage for trip to enhance business in latin america. white house correspondent mike emanuel is traveling with the president in santiago. good evening, mike. >> reporter: good evening, bret. there is an effort here in chile to portray a commander-in-chief actively engaged on libya. although, the u.s. and u.s. missions there differ. >> after reviewing troops in chile, president obama took questions for the first time about the u.s. military push in libya. >> our military action is in support of an international mandate. from the security council. that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel gaddafi to his people. >> reporter: but then the president suggested that the u.s. would like to do more. >> i also have stated that it is u.s. policy that gaddafi needs to go. >> reporter: back in the u.s., mr. obama is being criticized from the right and the left. speaker boehner ripped the administration for failing to define the mission and how it will be accomplished. others worry this action in libya involves the u.s. following a new u.n. principle called "res
>> glenn: from new york, good night america. >>> president obama warns muammar khadafy that the u.s. is ready to join an allied effort to protect civilians. a judge in wisconsin blocks the new collective bargaining law from taking effect and nuclear fallout from japan gets an upgrade. live from our studio in washington is special report. >> brett: u.s. ambassador susan rice says muammar khadafy is in violation of resolution that demanded a cease-fire in libya. they called on khadafy to halt military attacks on civilians and if the libyan leader does not stand down, the u.s. will launch military action against him. but he said the summit will not send ground troops into the country. we have team coverage. doug is at the pentagon with the u.s. role and logistics of implementing a no-fly zone. we begin with senior correspondent with rick leventhal who is live in libya in benghazi. >> reporter: it's safe to say that we've seen more check points popping up, more young men with small arms and concern about khadafy's army with libyan official on live television saying that the army was a
york, good night, america. >>> the u.s. considers arming libyan rebels to beat back pro-gaddafi forces. but is al-qaeda a concern? president obama tries a pivot from the rest of the middle east for greater energy independence. military hopes to change culture to prevent suicides. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. muammar gaddafi's forces are making gain against rebel fighters. having recaptured ras lanouf and making advance to the capital of tripoli. native airstrikes kept the army mostly at bay, the coalition is looking into new tactics including possibly arming the rebels. correspondent james rosen has the latest from the state department. james? >> reporter: chris, good evening. fox news confirmed that president obama has been considering a secret order known as finding to authorize broad away of covert operations in the libya. tonight reuters is reporting that the order has been signed sometime in the last two or three weeks. under heavy mortar and artillery fire, they moved east, another sign that ground forces loyal
constitution. >> a new quinnipiac poll finds margin of 47% to 41% voters oppose america's involvement in libya. by a margin of 58/29, registers voters say president has not clearly stated the goal for the mission. >>> days in operation in oil-rich country, president obama addressed a situation that has been plaguing presidents since richard nixon. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports on new call for energy independence. >> reporter: in what the produce called deliberate pivot from libya and turmoil in the middle east, at georgetown university, the president shifted the focus to energy security and set this goal. >> when i was elected to this office, america imported 11 million-barrels of oil a day. a little more than a decade from now, we will have cut that by one-third. >> reporter: but the senate republican leader accused the president of saying what people want to hear and says the administration is at war with american energy. >> canceled dozens of oil leases and in short has done everything it can to keep energy sector from growing. >> rather than opening up new public land and
to the fed on friday. yeah. friday. we'll see you tomorrow. from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: i'm bret baier in washington and this is a fox news alert. the coalition has been pounding with airstrikes in libya. fox confirms there was responding antiaircraft fire there. we can now confirm that one of muammar gaddafi's compounds was hit with one of the airstrikes but at this time it's unclear which one. there has been new firing on the ground in tripoli. gaddafi's forces are massing around the rebel-held city of ajdabiya. they had captured that city last week. trying to crush dissent. but have been beaten back by the coalition airstrikes. new strikes again on the ground in tripoli, where we find correspondent steve harrigan with the latest from the libyan capital. hello, steve. >> reporter: we expected that the pace of the attack would slow but anything but that. we have heard several loud incoming explosions. that is in the direction of colonel gaddafi compound. it was just last night that gaddafi, himself, made an appearance there be
but the man tells the truth. nothing to worry about here in america. from new york, good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: this is a "fox news alert." u.n. security vote is getting underway on a proposed no-fly zone over libya and authorization to use "all necessary measures." this is muammar gaddafi vowing to retake the rebel held city of benghazi, offering amnesty to those who surrender and no mercy to others. only hours after he warned foreign powers that any outside attack would trigger retaliation and destabilization of the region. but first, we turn to japan. where emergency workers are feverishly trying to cool down overheating fuel rods at the earthquake and tsunami-stricken nuclear plant. a u.n. nuclear official says the situation is "very serious." but appears to be stable. for now. the u.s. authorized the first evacuations of americans out of japan and president obama says he has asked for a comprehensive review of u.s. nuclear plant safety. correspondent greg palkot is in japan with the latest. >> reporter: there were desperate measures thursday in t
the heavy role america plays in nato. mr. obama believes that america's foreign intervention has so damaged the country's image that the stamp of u.s. leadership on this one would be a stain. that explains his willingness to allow the situation to deteriorate until a coalition could be formed. and the u.n.'s blessing could be obtained. that has not stopped critics. and on the right and left from complaining. but so far, the gripes have come mostly from the fringes or from those who habitually complain when a president uses force without congressional permission. the odds now that if the president asked for congressional authorization he would get it. but then he might have to keep talking about the mission after tonight. doesn't seem to want to do that. bret? >> bret: we talked about the difference between the u.s. policy if gaddafi needs to go and the u.n. security council resolution protecting libyan population. if gaddafi is in power one month from now, is this all a failure? >> well, i think that piece of it, the united states policy that gaddafi has to go will be seen as having up to t
? from new york, defending freedom. so long, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: muammar gaddafi intensifies air attacks against libyan rebels. controversy over some of the numbers associated with the president's healthcare law. my interview with general david petraeus on special operations, the troop withdrawal and where in the world is osama bin laden? live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. libya again tops the news tonight. here are the headlines. a red crescent official says muammar gaddafi's soldiers are blocking about 30,000 migrant workers from fleeing into tunisia. the u.n. is making its first food aid delivery inside libya since the uprising began. opposition leaders say they received an offer to negotiate terms of gaddafi's departure, but rejected it. gaddafi loyalists recaptured one key city and are fighting to regain another. correspondent james rosen has today's developments. >> reporter: these scenes inside a hospital, 30 miles west of tripoli reflect the exceptionally fierce fighting that
, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: japan deals with environmental crisis following the earthquake and tsunami. will potential nuclear disaster there affect growing reliance for energy over here? and republican leaders try to keep the members in line long enough to avoid a government shutdown. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm bret baier. japan is coping with multiple disasters tonight. the japanese prime minister says if the catastrophe unseen since the end of world war ii. millions of people have little or no food, water, or heat in the freezing temperatures. following friday's earthquake and tsunami. nearly 1900 are confirmed dead but estimates for a final tally run much higher, with thousands more missing. explosions and exposed fuel rods at nuclear facilities heightened fear of full-scale meltdown. correspondent adam housley is in japan tonight. >> fears of a worst case scenario grip a nation that's shaken and battered from friday's 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and continual aftershocks. n
it for me. see you next time. america. >> bret: while world powers chart their next moves in libya, rebels give up ground to gaddafi forces. serious cabinet resigns but will it pacify demonstrators there? and justice department is getting heat for suing on behalf of a school teacher who wanted three weeks off for a religious event in the school year. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. pentagon officials say so far the u.s. spent $580 million on the libyan conflict. while we're committed to the operation financially, militarily and diplomatically, questions remain about what it will mean to deem the mission a success. james rosen is at the state department. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. president obama and top commanderrers pushed forward on the parallel and separate path to strip muammar gaddafi of his ability to wage war and pressuring him to resign. today a top nato commander said the missions may connect over time in london, secretary of state hillary clinton met with colleagues from the united nations, europe and arab
't believe him. >> brett: rick, thank you. >>> president obama is starting to define what america's role will be and how it could take shape. wendall goler explains. >> reporter: having promised to wind down the involvement of in two wars, one of the last things president obama wanted forces on new front and it appears he won't have that. >> in a statement to reporters he said u.s. forces won't land in libya and sources tell fox news, attack planes will not be used in the no-fly zone. operation requires american leadership but not that we act alone. >> this is precisely how the international community should work as more nations bear responsibility and the costs of enforcing international law. >> reporter: that should mean a smaller chair of costs that could range from a few million to a hundred million a week. there are reports his advisors were deeply divided over the prospect of military action but he has resisted gig up. he didn't want the u.s. to be the issue in another arab conflict. there were quiet rumbles from 18 men's of congress he briefed but statement to reporters later was
. >> in washington, president obama met with the union union secretary general and america's ambassador balked at swift moves to provide arms to the rebels. >> we'll see how the opposition will coalas. it is premature to talk about any military assistance. >> but the usurks s assault ship is going to transit in the suez canal and active planning is underway for the possible establishment of the no fly zone over libya. >> james thank you. >> so many things have changed in libya. one of those. a populas that is willing to fight the government. apparently able. >> before the protest citizens could get shot for drive nothing an army base. but the soldiers abandoned their post after refusing to fire on demonstrators. a tank driver. >> the protestors were family. we could not shoot them. >> what were in the boxes that people took? >> ak 47 . the rooms once stacked to the ceilings have boxes on the ground. they took the pistoms and rifles and hand grenade . the thank driver has a new mission and tank to see it through. >> i will die to make qaddafi go. i am willing to fight to the last bullet and dro
to the president's trip to south america and congressional vacation. democrats passed no budget of their own nor offered a compromise. some openly complain that the president failed to lead or engage. but the leaders say it's up to a gp to compromise and ignore the tea party conservatives who won the last election. >> in order to avoid a dead end on the budget talks, speaker boehner should abandon the tea party and work to forge bipartisan consensus. it's the only way out of this bind. >> then there is a real problem because either side is close to offering a compromise budget for the rest of the year. when it comes to the nation's long-term debt comprised largely of entitlement cost like social security, harry reid long said it's not on the table in the last couple of days he sid it won't be for any time soon. "two decades from now i'm willing to take a look at it but i'm not willing to take a lock at it right now." not enthusiastic about cutting a deal here, bret. >> bret: i'd say. thank you. house republicans today voted to make national public radio private. correspondent molly henneberg loo
new york, good night, america. >> chris: two major defections from the libyan regime as the u.s. begins covert operations on the ground. day closer to a government shutdown. there are still big roadblocks to a deal. the interstate fight over the 2012 presidential primaries. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. another high-ranking libyan official has defected from muammar gaddafi's regime, making two in as many days. a european diplomat describes it as rats fleeing from a sinking ship. defense secretary gates says there won't be american boots on the ground, despite president obama's authorization of covert cia operations. the allied coalition is wiped out estimateed 25% of gaddafi's forces. rebels are still losing ground. forcing lawmakers on capitol hill to ask what is next? white house correspondent mike emanuel is tracking the story. mike? >> reporter: good evening. senior white house officials are pleased, control of the air operation over libya was transferred today from the u.s. to nato. now the
and generate american jobs. >> the only exports we support are those made by americans in america with american products. >> liberal billionaire george soros is heavy investor in petrobras but the board that approved the loan guarantee was entirely appointed by george w. bush. with people in the middle east pushing the price of oil over $100 a barrel and gasoline near $4 a gallon. mr. obama said over the weekend, the u.s. is eager for a friendly supplier. >> at a time we're reminded how easily instability can ability the price of oil the united states could not be happy with new stable source of energy. >> but it's not american source of energy. that troubles some. >> this is the most anti-american energy president we've had. president obama won't let us drill in anwar or oil shale refineries to happen in the western part of the nation. >> since the deep water horizon oil spill, the government licensed only half a dozen deep water rigs and randy seahawk drilling declared bankruptcy. he says in an op-ed, it became clear that the seahawk greater rival was no longer the biggest competitor, but the
:00. from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: was it terrorism or senseless violence? two are gunned down at german airport. government shutdown is averted temporarily with passage of a funding bill. we go back to the gulf coast to see how residents are doing ten months after the oil spill. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. a 21-year-old man with cosovar roots is in custody in germany tonight, accused of killing two american airmen and wounding two more at a german airport. the incident is another example of just how vulnerable americans both military and civilian can be. even in countries considered friendly. correspondent amy kellogg tells us what happened. >> reporter: two u.s. airmen were shot dead on a bus, transporting security forces team at frank further airport in germany -- frankfurt airport in germany. on their way to support overseas contingency operation. >> i'm saddened and outraged by the attack that took lives of two americans and wounded two others. i thi
eye shaw. it includes hawaii, new new zealand, mexico and south america and the rest of the pacific ocean. you are talking about the entire pacific basin under watches and warnings. john is a seismologist with uc berkeley. you have been with us for hours now. we talked about an event that could be a meter, three feet. people say if it is moving at 500 miles an hour, you are looking at a lot of damage. what can you tell people about that. >> keep in mind tsunami waves do travel the speed of a jetliner. when they get to the shoreline they slow down quite a bit to the speed you are seeing on the screen there. so maybe you are talking about several miles an hour maybe 10 miles an hour or something like that, whatever you see on the screen. it is 20 centimeters or a foot or two high. when it gets to the coast will water is shallow and the waves slow down and they pile up and you get this affect where there is a lot of water and height, but it is building shily, not like the other ones. >> that's how you get the height on the wave. it killed nows and did an incredible amount of damage. >>
they are doing. they said to me a number of times, you are an american, why has america not stepped in and given up the no-fly zone to make this a fair fight? >> reporter: about that prospect, u.s. officials remain noncommittal. spokesman for secretary of state clinton said allied nation are reviewing the idea of a no fly zone with urgency, but offered this answer when asked how many weeks of air attacks it will take before a decision is reached. >> there is no particular timetable. >> reporter: at the u.n. security council, fox news learned that british and french diplomats have begun drafting a resolution to create no fly zone. that sources said could be ready at the drop of a hat. >> it has to have a clear basis, demonstrative need, broad support in the region and readiness to participate in it. >> reporter: but sergei lavrock, foreign minister of russia, a country that does enjoy veto power at the u.n. security council ruled out foreign intervention with libya saying, "libyans have to solve their problems by themselves." bret? >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. thank you. we
want to reiterate america's support for people in japan. i said directly to the prime minister of japan, prime minister kan that the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers from multiple disasters. >> already that assistance spans the full range of the u.s. government asset and capabilities. officials from the department of energy and the nuclear regulatory commission are working on site with the japanese counterparts. >> in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water in other re sources to ensure that the reactors continue to be cool. >> we have dispatched suggest matter experts. both reactor experts and expert on emergency response. >> the u.s. agency for international development has spent nearly $750,000 on japanese relief efforts. u.s. aid rushed to the quake zone a team that includes officials from the department of health and human services. also on site are two urban search and rescue team from los angeles and fair fax, virginia. >> comprised of 144 personnel with emergency medical skills, engine
night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >>> welcome to afghanistan for a special edition of "special report." i'm bret baier. we have been traveling for the past two days with the u.s. military. trying to get a grasp of a progress report on the ground here. the successes, the frustrations, the planning for the way ahead. the uncertainty that lies along the way in this village, we are 30-miles from the afghan-pakistan border. still, ten years after the start of the war and it's still a hot bed along the border of taliban activity. this place has seen dramatic security change. development has come. not the case across the board in afghanistan but there have been successes in a moment, we'll show you that. you will hear the interview with general david petraeus before he heads back to washington to give a progress report to congress. jennifer griffin is traveling with robert gates as he travels here in afghanistan as well. all of that in a moment. but first, check in with shannon bream in the washington bureau for the top headlines of the day. >> thank you, bret. >>
. not tomorrow. gaddafi kill the people and the chirp and the women and all the people and we know america will support us. they are waiting. waiting for gaddafi -- [ inaudible ] when will they support us? when he kills us? >> reporter: rebels claim one victory with the says sure of the oil tanker. anwar africa headed to tripoli with 25,000 tons of fuel when 15 men on two boats stopped the shift 180 miles off store and boarded it and took it where the fuel was being offloaded saying it is going to the people now, not gaddafi's army. bret, as we hear gunfire on the horizon, we are hearing urgent now that libyan army set midnight deadline for residents of benghazi to exit the city ahead of a cleansing operation. gaddafi's regime now warning the residents that there is a midnight deadline warning them of a cleansing operation to come. >> bret: you spent time with the operation. is there a sense in that group that they are losing this battle and they may lose a lot of the cities in the east? audio problem there connecting with rick. rick, thank you. live in libya tonight. secretary of state cl
will die if america or nato enter libya. >> one of our biggest concerns is libya descending into chaos and becoming a giant somalia. >> reporter: testifying before two senate pams wednesday, secretary of state hillary clinton explained why the u.s. declared that the gaddafi regime lost all legitimacy has not formally recognized libyan opposition. >> we don't know the outcome of this. we don't know these players. we are working to understand who is legitimate, who is not. but it's premature in our opinion to recognize one group or another. >> reporter: clinton appeared to downplay the likelihood of the u.s. and nato establishing a no fly zone over libya. she cited complexity and maintenance associated with the operations. also the possible appearance of the u.s. as an occupying or meddling force. >> i think that we are a long way from making that decision. >> reporter: clinton expressed concern about the "opportunism" of some claiming to be leaders of the libyan opposition and noted many al-qaeda terrorists who had been active in afghanistan and iraq came from eastern libya. >> bret: th
america. [ applause ] >>> fighting intensifies in libya, as the u.s. and its allies continue attacks on government forces. the lawmakers here wonder what is the end game? this is as uprising spread to other nations raising bigger questions about the region. group of g.o.p. presidential hopefuls head to iowa. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." i'm jim angele in for bret baier. african countries are calling for transition to lead to the democratic connections in libya. libyan government delegation is meeting in ethiopia with five african heads of state who want a roadmap for political reform there. political leaders don't have representative at the meeting. coalition forces continue to pound those loyal to gaddafi. the national correspondent jennifer griffin explains why cit exit is likely not in cards. >> good evening. on day seven of the operation over libya, command of the operation still in question and not likely to be settled before sunday at the earliest. >> a transition process that will take through the weekend, more allied pilots begone taki
relationship in that area. think about india having a role here rather than america shouldering the burden. >> you refer to raymond davis, as the cia contractor, who is accused of killing two in pakistan and now being held. >> under all the rules he should have been released immediately. this is supposedly an ally. >> steve how much of a wound do you think that continuing case makes? >> huge. it's a significant wound, because we can't make any progress here. as long as he is held. zaddari got may not be in a position to do what it wants to do. we don't know yet whether zaddari wants to help us in the case because we think it's possible that the local governments are not willing to give him up or willing to cop rite. -- cooperate. >> with the reaction of killing of christian minister and assassination of government trying to protect the christian you wonder how much is sliding to islamism and chaos. if and when. i think it's sooner rather than lateer the army will take over. >> all right, panel. tune in tomorrow night, bret baier will have more interview with david petraeus on the ground in
the impression that america, because of the past sins doesn't have the moral standing to lead operation intervention of this kind, which is oddity for a president. if we look around nato this is clear without american leadership a chancy proposition. you have french and germans walking out of the nato meeting on monday. italians threaten to close air base if there isn't resolution of the issue. today, germans pulled the ship out of the nato operation. norwegians have airplanes but won't let them go in the air until somebody tells them who the hell is going to be in charge of the operation. >> bret: on the air force one briefing, way back from the trip, they said, seemed to say there wasn't going to be a presidential address to the nation. >> this is a sound bite where secretary of state asked about libya. >> one of the biggest concerns is libya descending to chaos and becoming a giant somalia. >> bret: okay. so that but days before the bombing started. one of the biggest concerned she said. that gets to ab point about the next step after even if gaddafi leaves. >> you have to enter this
for the help, hunter from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: president obama gets the u.s. military involved in the libya situation and tells gaddafi he must go. we'll look at the citizen soldiers trying to hold off the libyan army. what last year's oil spill is still doing to the gulf coast. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama again called on libyan leader muammar gaddafi to step down. on the ground in libya, mutenist army unit helping to secure a key oil instalelation after rebels repelled attack from gaddafi loyalist. they ruled out any negotiations with gaddafi and the international criminal court said they will investigate gaddafi and his sons for possible crimes against humanity. we begin coverage with white house correspondent mike emanuel. >> reporter: as liberal forces fight the regime at strategic joint conference, at news conference with mexican president felipe calderon, president obama called out the libyan leader by name, a new approach. >> let me be very una
. >> great day for america. >> bret: will the washington nationals be there? >> watchingwatching from the st. >> bret: big-time fan saying that. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for intrigue in diplomacy. [ male announcer ] provocative. ♪ unexpected. ♪ defiant. ♪ and just what you need to forge your own path. introducing the most fuel-efficien luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, defense secretary robert gates met with his canadian counter part thursday at a nato meeting to sign an out-of-space monitoring treaty. but, secretary gates may have had a hidden agenda. [ applause ] >> give a little memento of the occasion. >> terrific. >> pin on there. >> fantastic. thank you. >> does this pen float or anything? is it gravity free? >> no. but it does transmit. [ laughter ] >> have that swept. >> bret: well, for all the secrets about "special report," you can folle
] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> brett: personal trainer who gives obama to burn calories is apparently burning a lot of carbon emitting jet fuel in the process. "new york times" reports that mcclellan that owns a wellness facility in chicago spends part of his week in washington at president obama's request. he usually sees the first couple two to four morning's a week for an hour long workouts in the gym. he trains sever other staffers but the washington examiner point out if mcclellan commutes back and forth from chicago to d.c. once a week for a year, that would equal about 50,000 pound of carbon emissions. they write, the message is pretty clear, if you are an average federal employee or everyday taxpayer, stop driving. if you are in the white house and you want toned arms and firm buttocks flying your trainer out every week. the white house did not respond for a comment. >>> congressman darre
you think they do. they usually don't. best organized that win. from new york, good night america. >>> wisconsin braces for mass layoffs while senate democrats refuse to come home. here at home, senate democrats propose a budget and claim it dead on arrival and what could they possibly agree on. live from washington. >> brett: scott walker has formally notified public employee labor unions that he intends to lay off workers. walker is trying to force missing state senate democrats to return for a vote on legislation that would strip the employees of most collective bargaining rights. we have two reports tonight, steve brown with today's developments. good evening, steve. >> reporter: good evening, brett. governor walker has been telegraphing the move reiteratelogy, revamping union rules or layoffs. >> i don't want anybody laid off and 1500 state workers. >> they returned after two week continuous occupation last night around 10:00 p.m. dane county judge ordered protestors can be inside during regular hours, but may not bring in cooking gear, bed rolls and no new signs may be poste
, defending freedom so long, america. >> bret: the senate turns thumbs down on two budget plans. we'll tell you what happens now. is hour tax money being spent efficiently when it comes to transportation? we'll continue our series from afghanistan. with an up close look at that country's security forces. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. there are rejection issues tonight in the senate. the democrat controlled body has rejected a spending plan offered by its own leaders. along with one passed by the republican controlled house. now, it's back to square one. with a week-and-a-half before another deadline. chief political correspondent carl cameron has details from capitol hill. good evening. >> reporter: that's right. both bills were defeated which leads now nine days for lawmakers to try to find some sort of a compromise and the votes to pass it. before the next government shut down deadline. each bill needed 60 votes to pass, but fell short of even a simple majority. the g.o.p.'s proposed $61.5 billion cut to current spending went d
♪ >> bret: e-2. educate yourself. we'll see you tomorrow night. from new york, good night, america. >> bret: radiation leaks make tens of thousands of japanese prisoners in their own homes. we'll get facts from the japanese prime minister spokesman. we'll also look at how the disaster over there may impact the economy over here. and the house of representatives votes to put another band aid on the budget. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. explosion and fire inside a damaged nuclear facility has escalated japan's nuclear crisis. 14,000 people have been ordered to stay indoors. japan's prime minister says radiation has spread from the country's four damaged nuclear reactors along the country's northeastern coast. american military officials confirm that more u.s. service members were exposed to radiation today and treated with iodine. but because of the wind direction, several navy ships moved closer to the coast after initial pullback of radiation concerns two major aftershocks rattled japan today, causing buildings to sway i
" kucinich on the constitution at gitmo. defending freedom. so long, america. >> bret: a prediction about libya has top american intelligence official on the hot seat again. republicans in wisconsin limit bargaining rights. the final installment of my series from afghanistan. general david petraeus on civilian casualties and his relationship with hamid karzai. live from our studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. the attempts to oust libyan leader muammar gaddafi may lead to a political casualty in the u.s. there is at least one call for the director of national intelligence. james rosen tells us what clapper said to put him in hot water. >> reporter: a time he's trying to get muammar gaddafi to step down, they told the senate armed services committee he thinks gaddafi will win libya's civil war. >> bret: this is a stale paid back and forth. but i think over the longer term that the regime will prevail. >> reporter: that prompted a furious rebuke and called for clapper's res ig nation from senior republican. >> he couldn't have said a more devastating
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